Goodbye, Old Home

There was no way around it. Saying goodbye to the home you lived in for 13 years, and brought 3 of your 4 children home from the hospital to, was difficult!

But as a family of 6 (add in the 2 crazy dogs), we had definitely outgrown our 900 sq. ft. home.

I can’t tell you how hard my husband worked on that house. Knocking out walls, re-building walls, building new walls… He refinished the hardwood floors, bathroom, and kitchen. He built a fence and installed carpet. He turned the breezeway into a functioning room so we could have more than 2 bedrooms for our family of 6. And the biggest project of all? After we had EverDry waterproof the basement, he built an entire basement suite with a bedroom, bathroom, and family room.

This guy is amazing.

I was always a bit in awe of my grandpa – a man who designed and built his own home. But when my grandpa walked through our new basement suite, he looked around and remarked that my husband had missed his true calling.

Of course the brain work went to my husband (just thinking about all the calculations that went into building that suite gives me the shivers), but it was my job to get our house ready to sell. ♡

At that point we were pinching every penny and DIY wasn’t just a passion, it was a necessity. So I had to find thrifty ways to add a bit of character to our home. I’d love to share a few pics with you guys.

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