Magic Fireplace

Hello friends. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Did Santa make his way down your chimney this year?

What if you don’t have a chimney?

That’s the question my kids (and thousands of others) ask every year. Controversial subject of Santa vs. no Santa aside, how do you make your kiddos feel better when you don’t have an actual chimney for Old Saint Nick to shimmy down?

A few years ago, my kids helped me make a ‘magical’ fireplace out of cardboard (which we taped to our wall on Christmas Eve). We’ve since upgraded to…you guessed it…another faux fireplace. We all have a bit of fun pretending it transforms into a real fireplace on one night every year.

This mantle isn’t quite as elaborate as my other faux fireplace. It was one of those projects where you just throw every scrap you have together and see what comes out. But it’s cute and fun and is definitely an upgrade from our old cardboard alternative!


And it was constructed from an old headboard, scrap lumber, and leftover paint! An easy evening’s project. I simply attached directly to the studs in the wall and then primed and painted. Magical fireplace ready to go! Check back to see how I made the roman numeral clock on the mantle!



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