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When you work from home you MUST have a great working atmosphere. And while I made sure that our blueprints included a small ‘office’ area for me, I’m a traveling worker and I have no less than 3 favorite working areas around my house.


Like my 8-year old cousin recently reminded me, I have the best job in the world because I can work from my bed in my pajamas. Truth, little cousin! Truth. So my pillow fortress must be comfortable. When it came to a new headboard, I knew exactly what I wanted. But I couldn’t find any store that sold it. (I wasn’t too sad that I had to jump into another DIY project.)

With 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband, the queen bed was no longer cutting it. We switched over to a king-size and that was the perfect time to switch my headboards as well. To begin the project I took the DIY-tufted headboard that I made for our queen-size bed and cannibalized it. (And that poor headboard was itself cannibalized parts from all over the place!) I did a quick thrift-store run and found just the thing I needed at St. Vincent de Paul: a wingback chair.

I think my neighbors questioned my sanity when I pulled a perfectly good chair out of my SUV and started sawing it in half. Within 20 minutes my chair was in 2 equal pieces and I was ready to get to work! (One of my neighbors actually did come over and check on me later:)

Attaching each side of the wingback to the existing headboard, I had just enough length for the new king mattress. Now I needed to pad and cover the entire thing. I chose a solid-colored fabric from JoAnn’s that had a pretty circle pattern in it. It’s a heavy fabric so it lays nicely on the areas where my padding meets up.


I used a staple gun to attach everything. Nothing elaborate. I have absolutely no idea how to upholster furniture and no inclination to learn. I covered the back part (that no one will ever see) with a white bed sheet. It all works. At least well enough for me. (Notice the amazing Mr. and Mrs. printables. I printed them at Staples for $2.99 a piece!)

Now I can snuggle up in the corner of my ‘bed/couch’ with a nice cup of coffee and stare out the window into 5 acres of woods while writing. Total bliss. Setting my coffee down on my side tables, (made from antique cast-offs we found in the attic of a vacation house…see post here) and my work environment is complete. What’s your perfect work environment? Hop over to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tell me!

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