Simple DIY Sun Shade

When I decided I needed a sun shade for my deck, I wasn’t about to spend a lot of money on it. And I’m not very patient:) I wanted it now. So I headed out to Harbor Freight and Home Depot for some supplies to DIY a solution.

Opting to make my shade out of drop cloth, I bought a 9×12 canvas cloth from Harbor Freight on sale for $14 and added a package of clips to attach it from the corners. This was just a trial run. I had no idea how it would turn out so I set off on the non-committal path of furring strips and zip ties. Securing a furring strip with zip ties at each corner of the deck, I hammered a single nail into the top of the strip and attached the drop cloth using the clips I bought from Harbor Freight.

Now that I know I love the look I will be upgrading to something more substantial when the weather starts warming again. I think buying a more breathable shade from Amazon is a good use of my Christmas money, don’t you? (No more worrying about taking the shade down during the rain;)

But for a fast and cheap DIY shade, the versatile drop cloth wins out!


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