Heart Captivating Suspense
Daring Redemption

Stephanie M. Gammon

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, deeply loving someone gives you courage.”

– Lao Tzu

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Treacherous Mountain Investigation

A journalist’s job could get her killed…

Years ago, Elizabeth Hart took down a human trafficking ring in the Rocky Mountains with a single blog post—and now someone wants revenge. But her ex-fiancé, Officer Riggen Price, won’t let anyone hurt her or his newly discovered son.

With the threats only escalating, can Liz trust the man who broke her heart…and live to give their family a second chance?

Daring Redemption

Throughout human history, people have celebrated the power of love through stories, songs, poems, and art. Whenever we can, we share tales of love conquering all.

We dream of experiencing life-altering emotion in our own lives but I believe love has an even higher calling than these life-altering, courage-giving, breath-taking moments.

Romance provides us with a tangible parallel for how our Hero overcame every obstacle to win our hearts and overpower our antagonist. Married love demonstrates His steadfast love and servant’s heart. Our very souls cry out to celebrate that beauty. My deepest passion is to explore my Hero’s heart through the art of writing.

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