Refinished Antique Tables

Attics have always held a special allure for me. Now that I’m a writer, I understand it’s because I’ve always wanted to discover the story not told. Uncover a mystery or get a glimpse into someone’s romance. Attics hold those little links to past stories the present has forgotten.

And I’ve found some amazing treasures in my parent’s attic. Among those treasures were two banged up end tables. They didn’t match and they were horribly scarred from use and time but I jumped on the chance to bring them home and breathe new life into them. (All the while wondering who was the last person to use them. What was their story?)

I’ve never been a person who wanted something new when I could reuse something old. I knew I needed nightstands for our new home but I wasn’t about to spend upwards of $100 a piece on them. This was the perfect solution!

Now I don’t know how many coats of paint was on the smaller table but after sanding for a good thirty minutes I realized the paint wasn’t coming off. Add to that the problem of gouged-out areas and I opted to use wood filler. I filled in all the cracks, holes, and craters until the surface was as smooth as possible and then waited for it to dry.

After sanding the wood filler, I cleaned the surface with tacky cloth and painted the same color as my faux fireplace. (Sherwin Williams Cyberspace) All in all, there is only one actual drawer between both tables. But, I used four drawer pulls to give a uniform appearance. (I scored these drawer pulls for 10 cents/piece at Bernard Building Center in Cheboygan, MI.)

I love the finished product and the fact that someone’s forgotten tables are once again being appreciated. ♡

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